“Listen to His Songs Not Only With The Ears But With The Heart and Open that Doorway to Your Own Transformation…”

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Leo DrioliGive It Your Love is a history lesson, taking listeners on a musical journey that transcends cookie-cutter pop, filled with lyrics that captures the truth, insight and wisdom…” – Tristan, VIP Lounge Magazine

“Leo Drioli’s sound is similar to that of Cat Stevens and John Lennon – ruminations that are of an inspirational, motivational and expressive nature.” – Kyle Jarminer, The Examiner

“Basically, Give It Your Love is just an all-around feel-good track that you can put on when you need a mental and emotional pick-me-up.” – Christiana Bartolini

Leo Drioli is a Troubadour of Awakening. His music carries on in the spiritual pioneering tradition of the inspired master singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s. He acknowledges openly how much artists such as John Lennon, George Harrison and Cat Stevens have inspired and informed his work.

His songs are unique outpourings of heart-felt joy and connection, each track offering insight and clarity, the gift that comes from his ability to transmute life’s challenges into deeper awakening and sharing it through the time honoured medium of the pop song.

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